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Will a thermostat remote work?

Hi Tex,

We don't offer a remote option for that log set as we have had many receiver boxes melt inside the fireplace due to extreme heat. A thermostat remote isn't a good idea with a vented log set, you are closing the damper after use and if the remote was still in thermostat mode it would come back on and allow poisonous fumes to enter the home. If your looking for a thermostat option, I would recommend the charred timber log set that is listed in the vented gas log category. First and foremost it is a clean burning unit that can be operated as a ventfree, damper completely closed, or vented, damper completely open, or any where in between. You decide how much heat you want or need. Let me know if I can help you further.



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Monessen American Oak Vented Gas Logs with Concentric Safety
Pilot - 18, 24 or 30 inch - Natural Gas or Propane model#
VWF18NAO:  Can you get this model with a thermostat remote,
or can one be added to it?

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