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How does a piezo ignitor work?

Bob from N.Y Asked:
 Exactly how does a piezo ignitor work. If it is like a
gas grill or a modern furnace where there would be no pilot light.
 That is what I want in ventless gas logs - no pilot light.  Do you
have such a product??

While I am here, I would like to know where the batteries are
installed in the ventless gas logs??  In my current device I have to
disassemble the logs to change the batteries - not

The gas log burners have a spark ignitor  but also have a standing pilot. The batteries are located in a receiver box that is plugged into the millivolt valve. You would have access to the box without disassembling the log set as it sits on the base of the fireplace next to the grate.



Thank You for the prompt reply!!  My desire of gas logs w/o a pilot light is not going to happen yet.  It might be a good suggestion to the manufacturers that they look into the technology that allows furnaces and hot water heaters to operate w/o a pilot light.  Maybe you can get a reward for that suggestion.
THANKS again
Bob C.

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