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Can I convert my vented gas fireplace to ventless gas?


 Mike from Virginia asked:

I currently have a vented propane 22,500 BTU fireplace with a blower. I want to replace this with a ventless log set, seeing they are more efficient. Can the fireplace be converted to ventless? I don't have a traditional chimney, just a vent through the attic and out my roof. Any advise?


I wouldn't recommend converting a vented gas fireplace to a ventless gas fireplace. That fireplace is rated for 22,500 BTU'S vented, where there is a 20% heat loss out the vent.  The BTU'S of the ventless gas logs start at 28,000.  


Mike asked:
Thanks for replying so promptly. I know you wouldn't recommend it, but.......1. Is it legal in Virginia?  2. Is it safe? Thanks again.These are the two most pressing questions for me, as well as, if I sell my house later, would I have to fix this modification(if allowed), prior to selling my home? I'm not sure about the BTU issue. Are you saying if modified, if it can legally be done in my state, the BTU's would be a fire problem? Please explain more to me please.
The ventless gas logs are legal in Virginia and are safe provided they are installed according to manufacturers recommendations. Ventless gas logs are designed for woodburning masonary fireplaces. The BTU's are so much higher on ventless gas products and could potentially over heat the vented fireplace and cause a fire. My recommendation would be to contact the manugfacturer of that fireplace and ask whether the conversion can be done. 

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