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Can I use a gas log set in my woodburning insert?

 Bill from Georgia asked:

Can a ventless gas log set be used safely and efficiently in my wood-burning fireplace insert (Buck stove)? It seems logical that it should be quite efficient because of the air fan on the stove. 
Thanks, Bill 

Door measurements:

14" high

24" wide

Insert measurements:

24" high front

28" wide front

24" wide back

24" high back



The main issue is the height of the front opening. The minimum front opening required for Monessen ventless gas logs is 17" high and 25" wide.  If the opening isn't large enough to offer air flow, the oxygen sensor will shut the gas logs down. Judging by the inside dimensions, removing the insert will allow you enough space to install ventless gas logs without a concern with air flow.  Removing the insert will also enable you to install a 24" log set which will provide more heat than the smaller 18" set.

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