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How does a modulating thermostat control work?

John asked:

I am interested in the procom split hickory ventless logs for $199...upon taking my measurements of my existing vented firebox the C part which is the very back of the firebox measures 21 inches at the very back and projects out to 30 inches at the front...this system calls for 23 inches on the C measurement, will the difference of 2 inches be ok if I purchase this unit, I am interested in it because of the price and thermostat, any input will be appreciated...,also can you explain how the thermostat feature works in this model...does it have a temperature reading on a dial and it is then set for say 75 degrees and upon reaching that the burner shuts down and starts up automatically upon the temperature of the room cooling down?





Hi John, If all other measurements are the minimum requirement and you have more depth than is required, the ventless Procom log set will work. If you had just the minimum depth the log set would have to be placed at the back wall and thats where that C measurement is necessary. Most fireplaces are a minimum of at least 18", so the C measurement is usually not a problem. The log set has a modulating thermostat control with five levels of heat. It doesn't operate by temperature but by a level of heat. You preset the level of heat you want, and when it reaches that level, it will shut down and automatically come on when the area cools.  



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