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Looking for realistic ventless gas logs

Phyllis asked: 

 My husband I have enjoyed a ventless gas log set for over eight years.  Unfortunately the time has come to replace it.  We have tried two different gas log sets only to be extremely disappointed that the flames are not high enough appearing unrealistic and the heat output does not come anywhere close to what we had.  We purchased a different brand from a local retailer and returned it. Then purchased another one and returned it.  We haven't shopped for ventless logs in over eight years but know there has to be one out there that will give us back our warm cozy living area on cold winter evenings after coming in from work. We need a 24 inch ventless set and are open for any suggestions.  We want the most realistic dancing flames we can get with the highest heat output possible.  Thanks so much.


Hi Phyllis, The ventless logs set I would recommend is the Monessen NB24-BO Berkley Oak, it has a nice flame and a glowing ember bed which makes it look very realistic. This is the most popular log sets in our retail store as it will take up more visual space with it's large profile. The BTU's are 36,000 and the Berkley Oak ventless gas log set has the ability to heat 1200 sq. ft. If you want to see a close-up of this log set click on the link below and it will take you to the web page where you can see a video of the log set burning.

Check it out!


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