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Cut Heating Costs By Using A Vent-Free Heater, Fireplace, Stove, or Log Set

Get the most out of your energy dollar with a vent-free gas appliance - the sensible, cost-effective heating option. While many vented fireplaces produce little or no heating value, modern clean-burning vent-free gas heaters, fireplaces, stoves, and log sets look good and provide the most efficient supplemental gas zone heating available on the market today.


All of the useable heat from vent-free gas appliances remains in the room, rather than going up the chimney or out a vent.

All vented gas and solid-fuel fireplaces lose some or most of their useable heat straight up the chimney or vent. For example, vented gas logs installed in a wood burning fireplace typically range from 30,000 to 60,000 Btu/hr and the fireplace damper must be totally open resulting in most of the heat escaping up the chimney. Depending on the design chosen, a vent-free gas log in the same fireplace would burn only 26,000 to 40,000 Btu/hr and virtually all of the heat produced would be delivered into the living space. Therefore, the savings in fuel costs with a vent-free gas log is tremendous and the resulting comfort from the fireplace is dramatically increased versus a vented appliance or burning wood.

Vent-free appliances are the most fuel-efficient heating products on the market today.

Because the increase in the cost of natural gas is on everyone’s minds, it is important to buy products that are energy efficient. All vent-free gas appliances are 99.9 percent efficient. Virtually all of the natural gas or propane burned by the product is converted into room-warming heat. This makes these products the most fuel-efficient heating devices on the market today.

Natural gas is still the most cost-effective source of heat.

While the price of all fuels has risen in the past several years, natural gas still provides more heat for the dollar than any other home heating fuel. A direct comparison of costs for different fuel types based on 2006 U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) average unit costs of energy follow.

Natural Gas $1.415/therm
No. 2 Heating Oil $1.637/therm
Kerosene $2.030/therm
Propane $2.135/therm
Electricity $2.875/therm - © Copyright 2007-Present