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Can these logs be burned in an open firepit?

Dave from Los Altos CA Asked:
Customer Service:
Are any of the ventless gas log sets you offer suitable for interior use, configured as a firepit?  There will not be a firebox nor a hood, only a stone hearth and possibly a custom steel saucer to contain the logs.  For instance, log sets manufactured by ProCom all require an approved enclosure (i.e. firebox).  The room measures approximately  50' x 30' x 14' (h)  and is designed for frequent air changes. 
Thank you,
Dave A.
The log sets that we have available are not designed for that type of application. The issue is that the burners can't be covered in any way as that would cause the unit to burn inefficient, creating odors to occur, as well as the oxygen depletion system shutting the unit down due to lack of air flow. You will need to use a vented burner for this application and install a vent as vented log sets do not burn clean. If you check with your local building department you will find that ventless gas products are not legal in the state of California.

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